(video on external website. English version at this link, see below for links to German and Italian versions.


This is a short promotional video available in three languages (English, German and Italian) for the European iManageCancer.eu project. The goal of the video is to incentivate cancer patients to explore five different Apps that can help them manage their disease.

I was hired by Cancer Intelligence in Brighton, UK, to produce these videos.

The videos can be found on the iManageCancer.eu website at the following links: English, German, Italian.


[Lightcurve Films for Cancer Intelligence, UK; 02:50 (x3) min.; July 2017]

  • Basic Bronchoscopy

  • Uw eerste bezoek aan de PH Polikliniek VUmc

  • Ballon pulmonalis angioplastiek (BPA) in VUmc