(scroll down to see Misty Mountains teaser & video clips of a selection of the airs)

(Tutorials avaible at playcellomusic.com/product/video-tutorials-for-irish-airs/)


Cello Tutorials

In close collaboration with Ilse de Ziah from PlayCelloMusic, I have developed a unique series of high end cello video tutorials. Each tutorial is composed of three videos. The first video is the Play Through, in which Ilse plays the piece, filmed in Wide Shot so that the student can see both the fingers and the bow. The music notes are shown and high lighted as the piece progresses. In the two other videos Ilse takes the student through the piece in detail, and in each section she plays, first the fingers are shown, followed by the bow. The music notes are always present and high lighted to show exactly what is going on and where. I edited the high lighting manually to achieve the best possible accuracy.

We have published a first 27-minute long tutorial of Ilse’s arrangement of Misty Mountains in 2013. We have taken the same concept and produced the series of 10 tutorials (3 1/2 hours in total) of Ilse’s Irish Airs for Solo Cello. The series is available at http://playcellomusic.com/product/video-tutorials-for-irish-airs/.

See the Video tab for video clips of a selection of the Irish Airs for Solo Cello. Also see more information about the film Living the Tradition based on this series.

[Lightcurve Films & PlayCelloMusic;  32 videos of 3.5 hours in total.; Nov. 2014]

Teaser of the Tutorial for Misty Mountains

Here are video clips of a selection of the Irish Airs for Solo Cello:

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