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Basic Bronchoscopy

This is a promotional video for a series of 4 highly specialised training videos for medical people who want or need to learn more about the technique of bronchoscopy. The videos are being used at training seminars as well as individually by medical staff around the world. They are part of the Bronchoscopy.nl website. The animations for this production were made by graphic designer and animator Pedro Daniel.

promo: [Lightcurve Films for Bronchoscopy Foundation,  VU University Medical Center,  Amsterdam;  02:30 min.;  Jan. 2013]

educational: [Lightcurve Films for School of Respirology, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam;  08:49,  03:32,  06:24,  06:58 min.; Dec. 2010]


  • Anti-Retroviral Therapy, a South African role model