Anti-Retroviral Therapy, a South African role model

In 2010 I worked with medical special George Janossy MD, PhD to edit this film that he had shot in South Africa. We published the film as a video paper in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, or JoVE.

The film shows a model case of immunology laboratory services for monitoring anti-retroviral therapy in patients with HIV infection in South Africa. This is a compressed downloadable version suitable for slower internet connections.

The version published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) by D. Lawrie, G. Janossy, M. Roos & D. Glencross, as well as more technical details and literature citations, can be found at URL

When referred to this video, please cite the official published version as Lawrie D., Janossy G., Roos M., Glencross D.K. (2010). Comprehensive & Cost Effective Laboratory Monitoring of HIV/AIDS: an African Role Model. JoVE. 44: , doi: 10.3791/2312.

[Lightcurve Films (editing) for George Janossy MD, PhD; 39:18 min., 25:00 min.; Apr. 2010]

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