The Whirling Waters of Antarctica

This is a short educational film about paleo-oceanographic research in the Antarctic. Peter Bijl, paleo-oceanographer at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, follows up on discoveries made during the IODP ocean drilling expedition 318. He and his team go to Australia and Patagonia to retrieve samples from exposures, and try to learn more about the evolution of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

This film was made in collaboration with Science Media (NL) and based on material filmed by the scientists on location in Australia and Patagonia, as well as from addition interview and B-roll material recorded at the Utrecht University by Dan Brinkhuis and myself. Graphical animations are done by Dick Peterse (Science Media) and the Voice Over is Saskia Madlener.

[Lightcurve Films for Science Media (NL); 08:24 min.; 2017]

  • The Speed of the Wind

  • Exploring and Understanding the Universe

  • Scattering