Pieter-Rim de Kroon (1955) studied Lighting-Camera and documentary direction at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. Between 1981 and 1996 he worked as a cameraman/director for Polygoon-Profilti (the Netherlands), at that time nationally known from the cinema-newsreels. From 1986 he worked at the Toonder Studio's in the Netherlands as a film director. He directed many international productions, commercials, informative films (Postbus 51), documentaries, educational and Socutera films. From 1992 he was Creative Director responsible for the department live action film. His work became more and more cinematographic: creating a specific mood by the use of well thought camera positions, lenses, filters, music and decoupage. He aims to add extra dimension to his images: "the magic of cinema". In 1995 and together with Reinier Wissenraet, he created a new production company: De Kroon, Wissenraet & AssociƩs B.V. Multi-Media and Audiovisual Projects. De Kroon is endlessly interested in technical and scientific topics. With the years, he has become familiar with many complex imaging techniques, including High Speed, Motion Control, Time Lapse, Macroscopy, Mattepainting, CGI, Live Action in combination with Animations, Wescam, Astrovision, etc. As a director and cameraman he received over a 100 awards on international film festivals, among which several Grand Prix's. His long documentary Dutch Light (Hollands Licht) obtained the Golden Calf (the highest Dutch film prize) in 2003.