Leiden, April 1953.

It took centuries of searching, years of waiting, months of observing and weeks of calculating. For the very first time in human history a group of scientists looks at a map: the first map of our Galaxy, our Island in the Universe. These scientists are some of the top Dutch astronomers. And the map is the result of an extraordinary prediction, cutting-edge technological development and a lot of persistence. Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way unravelled, highlights the huge contribution of Dutch scientists between 1886 and 1955 to a new view of our Universe. A view where man, Earth and Sun are no longer at the centre of everything.

Spiral Galaxy was first publically screened on april 4, 2009 at the Science Centre NEMO in Amsterdam, during the 'Weekend of the Stars'. The screening was a success. The room was almost filled up with some 150 people and the storytellers themselves were there as well! [more]

Watch a 5 minutes extract from the film and one of the extra features from the DVD on Vimeo!
[Spiral Galaxy album on Vimeo]

Spiral Galaxy was broadcast several times in 2009 on the Holland Doc digital channel (week of 4 to 9 of April and in july 2009)
[website Holland Doc]

The film was part of the exhibition First Light: Photography & Astronomy, in the Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam from March 6 until May 30 2010. [website Huis Marseille]