Here are listed the most relevant scientific publications related to the topics discussed in the film. You can download all the files, except one, as a zip-file (30 Mb) in one go by clicking [here] The other publication can be downloaded from the publisher's website (with thanks to the publisher, see the end of this list).

On the Distribution of the Stars in Space Especially in the High Galactic Latitudes. J.C. Kapteyn, P.J. van Rhijn. Astrophysical Journal, vol. 52, p. 23, 1920. [download pdf, Kapteyn_Model_ApJ52_1920.pdf]

First attempt at a theory of the arragement and motion of the sidereal system. J.C. Kapteyn. Astrophysical Journal, vol. 55, p. 302, 1922. [download pdf, Kapteyn_Model_ApJ55_1922.pdf]

Observational evidence confirming Lindblad's hypothesis of a rotation of the galactic system. J.H. Oort. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Vol. 3, p.275, 1927. [download pdf, Rotation_Galaxy_BAN120_1927.pdf]

The Galaxy explored by radio waves. H.C. van de Hulst. The Observatory, Vol. 73, P.129, 1953. [download pdf, Galaxy_Explored_Obs73_1953.pdf]
Pgs. 139 and 140 are in the wrong order. The first map is on page 138: [Galaxy_Explored_Obs73_1953_pagina138_kaart.pdf]

Problems of Galactic Structure. J.H. Oort. Astrophysical Journal, vol. 116, p.233, 1952. [download pdf, Problems_of_Galactic_Structure_ApJ116_1952.pdf]

The spiral structure of the outer part of the Galactic System derived from the hydrogen emission at 21 cm wavelength. H.C. van de Hulst, H. C., C.A. Muller, J.H. Oort. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Vol. 12, p.117, 1954. [download pdf, Spiral_Structure_BAN452_1954.pdf]

The distribution of atomic hydrogen in the outer parts of the Galactic System G. Westerhout. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Vol. 13, p.201, 1957. [download pdf, Distribution_H_BAN475_1957.pdf]

The galactic system as a spiral nebula (Council Note) J.H. Oort, F.J. Kerr, G. Westerhout. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 118, p.379, 1958. [download pdf, Galaxy_Spiral_Nebula_MNRAS118_1958.pdf]

Comparison of the Galactic System with other stellar systems J.H. Oort. Proceedings from IAU Symposium no. 5 held in Dublin, 2 September 1955. International Astronomical Union. Symposium no. 5, Cambridge University Press, p.69, 1958. [download pdf, Comparison_IAUS5_1958.pdf]

Vijftig jaar Nederlands radiosterrenkunde: een verjaardag zonder jarige. George Beekman. Zenit, april 1999. [download pdf, this publication is in Dutch only, Beekman_Zenit_1999.pdf] (scan van artikel volgt later).

The beginnings of Radio Astronomy in the Netherlands H. van Woerden, R.G. Strom. Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, Vol. 9, p.3, 2006. [download pdf, RadioAstronomy_NL_JAHH9_2006.pdf]

Dwingeloo - the golden radio telescope H. van Woerden, R.G. Strom. Astron. Nachr., Vol. 328, p.376, 2007. [download pdf from Wiley InterScience's website, with many thanks to the publisher for making this available at no charge]