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Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way unravelled

Leiden, April 1953. It took centuries of searching, years of waiting, months of observing and weeks of calculating. For the very first time in human history a group of scientists looks at a map: the first map of our Galaxy, our Island in the Universe. These scientists are some of the top Dutch astronomers. And the map is the result of an extraordinary prediction, cutting-edge technological development and a lot of persistence. Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way unravelled, highlights the huge contribution of Dutch scientists between 1886 and 1955 to a new view of our Universe. A view where man, Earth and Sun are no longer at the centre of everything.

Spiral Galaxy was broadcast 6 times in 2009 on the Holland Doc channel in the Netherlands. It was screened at the International Scientific Audiovisuals Festival in Mexico in September 2012 and at the InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival in November 2015.

Thanks to the film, a memorial board was erected at Radio Kootwijk in the East Netherlands, the place where the data that led tothe first map of the Milky Way Galaxy were collected.

For all background information on the film, the science content and on how to purchase the DVD please visit spiralgalaxy.nl

[Lightcurve Films & De Kroon, Wissenraet & Associés; 44:45 min.;  Apr. 2009; broadcast on Dutch pubic TV channel Holland Doc in April and July 2009; screened at the International Scientific Audiovisuals Festival in Mexico, September 2012; screened at the InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival, November 2015]

With thanks to: Netherlands Research School for Astronomy, Media Junkies, Zcene Moving Media Company

Music by William Zeitler: williamzeitler.com


Also see http://www.astroforum.nl/astrowiki/index.php/Radio_Kootwijk_en_de_Melkweg (Dutch only)



One of the extra's on the DVD

The inauguration of the Memorial Board (Dutch language only)

De Melkweg in kaart gebracht (QR-code filmpje bij informatiebord)

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