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Serene Universe, an Inner Journey into Outer Space

Do you look up on a clear night and gaze in wonder on the stars deep into the Universe? They provoke inspiration and awe, a moment of calm, quiet, and peace in our hectic world. Serene Universe combines the awe of the Universe with these healing moments of serenity. It is a unique one hour film experience in which images and music are intimately intertwined. Starting on our beautiful planet, Serene Universe takes you slowly above the Earth, into the Solar System, the Galaxy, Deep Space and finally your inner space.

I made this film in close collaboration with composer William Zeiter, who wrote the entire score from scratch. Initially without any explanation, we have added an option to see the film with short explanatory subtitles. In this way, it can also be used as an educational film. Also on the DVD background information on all the images is included.

Available on Amazon Prime at this link.

Please contact me or William Zeitler about how to obtain a copy of the DVD.

[Lightcurve Films and William Zeitler;  55:13 min.;  May 2013; screened at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe festival, Australia, 20 February 2014]

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