My Old Hand Crank Camera

A short spontaneous upbeat film I made together with filmmaker Pieter-Rim de Kroon from Amsterdam in September 2010. In the days where every cell phone is equipped with a HD camera, video clips from all over the world are finding their ways on the internet and entire films are shot on HDSLR camera’s, this film will surprises with the charm of good old solid mechanical technology.

Pieter-Rim de Kroon found this 1900-build German Oskar Kine-Messter camera in virtually perfect state, fell in love with it and wants to revive its glory…
This is the story and the kick off of a series of five in which we will have you re-discover the art and sensation of observing.

Another of these cameras can be found in the  Deutsches Teknikmuseum.

[Dutch Light Films & Lightcurve Films; 11:51 min.;  Nov. 2010;  screened at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands, september 2012]

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  • Serene Universe, an Inner Journey into Outer Space