Longstories: Living with Lungcancer, Sharing on Hives

This short documentary was commissioned by the Dutch Lung Cancer Information Center in 2011, as part of the “Longstories” project, that ran between 2007 and 2011. Each year one artists was commissioned to create a work of art around the theme of lung cancer and I had the honour to be the final artist.

In this short film I visited several members of a group of lung cancer patients across the Netherlands who connect to each other on a regular basis through a closed group on Hives, a former Dutch social media platform. In the film the patients tell about their day-to-day live with the disease and how the networking with fellow patients helps each one of them.

More about this project at (Dutch only).

[Lightcurve Films for Dutch Lung cancer Information Centre and Roche Nederland B.V.; 13:18 min.;  Nov. 2011]

(Nederlandse versie)

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