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Huygens Legacy and Future Titan Exploration

I was asked to do a total coverage of all the presentations at the conference entitled “Huygens Legacy and Future Titan Exploration“, held between 13 and 15 of January 2010, in Barcelona.

I decided not to try and film the presenter and the screen with the presentation slides at the same time. Instead, I filmed the presenter as good as I could, with the camera sitting on the first row, and then edited the presentation slides in afterwards. However, when I did this, I noticed that it is not very engaging to watch a still slide while someone is talking over it. So, I started to animate the slide, following what the presenter is saying. This led me to develop a new way of editing presentations, quite work intensive, but resulting in a very engaging video.

Under Videos are some examples of the presentations given. The full collection can be seen at this Youtube Playlist.

[Lightcurve Films for European Space Agency;  40 presentations ranging from 10 to 70 min.; 13-15 Jan. 2010]

  • The Search for Life

  • The Tale of Two Circulations

  • Solar Activity and Climate.