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The EuroVenus project is a networking science project funded by the EU. I collaborated on the project to define the Outreach Strategy in terms of the production of a series of films. I made these two videos at the outset of the project.

The topic is close to my heart, as I worked on Venus in my science career using both ground based and space based (Galileo mission) data (see for example: The thermal structure and dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus, 1995; Infrared imaging of Venus from IRTF/ProtoCAM, 1996; Felsic highland crust on Venus, 2008). I was also involved with the VIRTIS instrument on Venus Express.

More information about the project can be found at the EuroVenus website.

[Lightcurve Films for Paris Observatory; 01:53 min., 03:02 min.; Oct. 2013, Apr. 2014]


  • SPEX: the Spectro-Polarimeter for Planetary Exploration

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