Around Venus by Balloon

This is a pilot educational film part of a proposal to the European Space Agency (in the framework of the Cosmic Vision Programme) for a new mission to planet Venus, the European Venus Explorer. Even though the proposal was not selected (2010), the film still holds interested as it shows ways we can explore the planets of our Solar System. In 2011 the proposal was reworked and resubmitted in reply to a new call for proposals of the Cosmic Vision Programme. Again, it was not selected. Such is Space Business: the important thing is to keep on fine-tuning and trying!

In this film planetary scientist Colin Wilson (Univ. of Oxford) goes in the air to explain how Venus’ atmosphere could be studied using balloons!

 [Lightcurve Films for European Venus Explorer consortium, University of Oxford; 07:33 min.; Jun. 2007]

  • Rosetta’s Comet Touchdown

  • Beyond the Red

  • Scattering