About Me

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I am Maarten Roos, all-round independent filmmaker, planetary scientist and (science) communicator.

I am passionate about and specialized in factual films on science & technology, music, art and human interest. At the same time, I do research on planetary atmospheres and small bodies (asteroids, comets) and I have a strong interest in the growing field of the use and mining of space resources. As a (science) communicator, I design, coordinate and run communication campaigns for science projects.

All my fields of activity overlap. With a strong background in science and science communication, I am the perfect person to address any science & technology related topics on film. At the same time, I have great passion for music and art and I am always keen to seek ways to combine the arts and the sciences.

Being a filmmaker is not a 9to5 job. I feel a constant drive to create and be creative and I seek to expand my horizons and how-know at all times, both through developing independent projects & ideas and by collaborating with a wide variety of fellow creatives and clients.

When on assignment for you as my client, my mission is to deliver a final result that is beyond your expectations, always aiming to produce a fresh new look and sound.

I have a large hands-on work experience with the entire film making productino process including research, production, directing, camera work, editing, and post production (colour grading, sound mixing).

I have also been teaching documentary film and editing workshops for the Oxford Institute of Documentary Film, and at Oxford Brookes University.