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    Living the Tradition

    Behind every Irish tune is an ancient tale of love and loss, of history and heroes. Living the Tradition is the journey cello player and composer Ilse de Ziah takes around Ireland in a search …

  • Go with the Flow

    Go with the Flow of the North Atlantic Ocean

    In July 2015 a group of ocean scientists, engineers and technical crew from all over the world set out on a 3-week research cruise to service oceanographic moorings across the Irminger Sea between Iceland and …

  • MarsSvalbard_poster

    Between Mars and Svalbard

    In this film, commissioned by the Portuguese National TV channel RTP2, I follow two groups of scientists from Portugal join forces on a quest to find out more about Mars. They study images sent back …

  • My Old Hand Crank Camera

    My Old Hand Crank Camera

    A short spontaneous upbeat film I made together with filmmaker Pieter-Rim de Kroon from Amsterdam in September 2010. In the days where every cell phone is equipped with a HD camera, video clips from all …

  • Spiral Galay

    Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way unravelled

    Leiden, April 1953. It took centuries of searching, years of waiting, months of observing and weeks of calculating. For the very first time in human history a group of scientists looks at a map: the …

  • Serene Universe

    Serene Universe, an Inner Journey into Outer Space

    Do you look up on a clear night and gaze in wonder on the stars deep into the Universe? They provoke inspiration and awe, a moment of calm, quiet, and peace in our hectic world. …

  • Our Last Transit of Venus

    Our Last Transit of Venus

    In June 2012 planet Venus passed between the Earth and the Sun, resulting in a Transit of Venus event. These transits occur with approximately 120 year intervals and come in pairs. The 2004/2012 Transit was …

  • Neptune

    Searching for Neptune

    I have been fascinated by the story of the discovery of planet Neptune, a story that started in a backyard in Bath, England, in 1781 and played out in the 1840s across Europe (England, France …